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Africa Photographic Safari

Africa Photographic Safari is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories. We custom Africa Photographic Safaris at Its Finest and also offer different levels of Africa Photographic Safaris to meet the requirements of any creative and documentary tour of Africa, including small groups, private individual, workshops and custom photography safaris.

A successful African photographic safari or an African photography workshop is dependent on many different factors and as a professional African wildlife photographer and expert safari guide, we will give you the best.

Before booking your Africa photographic safari, think about your specific photographic passions and expectations. The safaris that our team designs, are aimed to GUARANTEE exceptional photographic opportunities the very best that Africa has to offer. We focus exclusively on African photo safaris, taking you only to the most photo-productive destinations. Be part of a small group of Africa Photographic Safari atmosphere where each wildlife photographer taking Africa Photographic Safari is guaranteed a FULL ROW of seats in the safari vehicle. We pay full attention to photographic aspects of an Africa Photographic Safari and the specific needs of both serious and amateur wildlife photographers. If you prefer small groups and are serious about your wildlife photography, then our Africa Photographic Safari are right for you.

Africa is an exciting photographic destination, offering opportunities for both amateur and specialist. Our Africa Photographic Safaris or photography tours generally cater for small groups and are conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention. Photographic specific tours in Africa have grown immensely in recent years.

We tailor Africa Photographic Safaris or photography tours for clients in Africa, and include the use of a private guide so that you can spend as long as necessary on one subject without affecting other guests. There are however a number of African group photographic safari departures annually which you can join with other keen photographers.

Africa Photographic Safari

Our photography tours generally cater for small groups and are conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and on-going instructions. Many of the Africa Photographic Safari itineraries will also include pre excursion briefing and image editing. Whether you’re a novice or a professional photographer, Africa Photographic Safari will delight.

Wildlife for a Kenya photography tour is superb, the most fabled destination being the Masai Mara National Reserve. Photography here is good all year round with the constant interaction between predators and plains game. The pinnacle of wildlife photography occurs between the months of July and October, when the Wildebeest cross the Mara River in search of better grazing areas in Kenya. This is one of the most phenomenal wildlife spectacles on earth, and a bucket-list photographic tour destination for both amateur and professional photographers.

Photography is a fairly individual pursuit. It demands time and patience as well as in-depth knowledge of local conditions and the subject, especially when your lens is trained on a wild creature. Keen photographers are often restrained on a general safari – they lack the freedom to stake out a waterhole for hours or wait patiently for a lion pride to catch up with a herd of buffalo. They often need a particularly experienced guide to keep them informed of the likely movement and behavior of the wildlife they are observing. The perfect safari, from a photographer’s point of view, is one that balances patient observation of the details with a sharp eye for dramatic opportunities.

Africa Photographic Safari

Naturally, specialist photographic safaris in Africa capitalize on the experience and knowledge of professional photo-guides – their ability to predict animal behavior means front-row seats to all the action. The second key advantage is exploring the wilderness in vehicles and boats that have been custom-designed for photographers. Features such as swivel chairs, camera mountings and pop-up roofs give you the advantage of multiple angles and enhanced stability, in addition to making sure each photographer in the group has a good view.

Designed for enthusiasts ranging from budding beginners to semi-professionals, African photographic safaris bring together like-minded people in a convivial, focused environment. Specialist photographic safaris are suitable for single travelers, couples and groups, and are offered in most of Africa’s premier travel destinations – Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Africa Photographic Safari requires patience, preparation, dedication and a guide that understands how to get you into the right position for that perfect capture. Africa Photographic Safari needs lots of space for equipment to move in your vehicle. In short – you need to go on a dedicated Africa Photographic Safari. Photographic safaris in Africa: – If you enjoy wildlife photography, there are a few things that you should consider before making the investment in your next safari adventure in Africa. Your Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari is more than just reaching the best locations for superb pictures. We team up with specialist nature photographers and provide you with lessons and expert insights that take your snaps to an almost unimaginable level.

Africa Photographic Safari

Our Kenya photography tours are based on a private concession where we share the experience with just a few other people. Namibia photography tours are a wonderful mix of landscapes, wildlife and tribal people in this most scenic of African countries. You can even try your hand at night photography under the clear Namibian desert skies. Tanzania photography tours focus on the wildlife spectacle of the world-famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, arguably the best place for wildlife photography in the whole of Africa. More than a million wildebeest and zebras flood into Tanzania’s southeastern Serengeti between February-April and the predators, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards and hyenas, take full advantage.

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages

Africa Photographic Safaris Package Itinerary
12 Days Kenya wildlife Photographic Safari Holidays
7 Days Kenya Photographic Safaris Adventures
11 Days Guided Africa Wildlife Photography Tours
Masai Mara Photographic Safari Holiday l 6 Days
15 Days Africa Guided Photographic Safari Package
10 Days Africa Photographic Safari Itinerary Package
12 Days Kenya Highlights Photo Safari Holidays
9 Days Kenya Photography Safari Adventure
8 Days Kenya Photographic Safari
11 Days Kenya Photographic Safari

Africa Photographic Safaris Packages
Africa Photographic Safaris Packages is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories and improve your art of photography. Our Africa Photographic Safaris Packages generally caters for small groups and is conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and instructions. Many of our Africa Photographic Safaris Packages itineraries will also include...
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